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June 9, 2021

3 Reasons Why your Photographer Needs to Understand Proper Lighting

As a Colorado wedding photographer, I am familiar with shooting weddings in a wide range of settings. From mountaintop elopements to large luxurious ballrooms, lighting conditions and understanding how to capitalize on the conditions available at each part of the wedding day are integral parts of the job. Here are the 3 reasons why your photographer needs to understand lighting conditions:


Although we all love the glow of the sun as it sinks below the horizon, the blue light hours leading to low light in the evening is when natural light photography ends on a wedding day, and it’s typically less than halfway through the event. Unfortunately, if your photographer is unfamiliar with shooting in low light conditions, many of the images from your reception may turn out dark or grainy. Asking your wedding photographer if they are comfortable working with low light conditions is an important part of the initial process of deciding to work together.

Bride with her bridesmaids in Tomboy Tavern in a dimly lit room


Familiarity working with off-camera flash can really make or break the outcome of your images. Without the proper filters, settings, or placement of external lighting, important moments like first dances, cake cutting, and a sparkler exit can be underwhelming at best. A great question to ask your photographer is how they handle off-camera flash and external lighting. This is a great question to help set your expectations of what to expect on the wedding day and how to best prepare the venue if your photographer does plan to bring any external equipment.

Bride and groom with officiant in Telluride, Colorado wedding


Every wedding is different and requires different techniques. Photographers comfortable only with shooting outside in natural light conditions may struggle if they are put in a situation indoors where the subjects are backlit and the artificial lighting in the room doesn’t quite make the cut. The weather can have an effect on the lighting conditions for the good and the bad, so having a photographer that is
well versed on how to handle different situations is important. Don’t shy away from asking them to share more details about how they handle different lighting situations and if there is a plan to maximize the conditions no matter what the day brings.

Engagement under the stars wedding, Telluride, Colorado

At the end of the day, the way your photographer handles lighting conditions and works with them will dictate the clarity of your images and the memories you have for a lifetime for your wedding. As a Colorado wedding photographer, I would love to answer any questions or provide advice on what to look for when hiring a photographer and how to maximize the conditions to receive the images of your dreams.

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