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August 8, 2022

Moments Your Wedding Photographer Shouldn’t Miss

As you go through your wedding day timeline with your photographer, there are a few parts to your special day that you will want to make sure your photographer captures. These moments, though some are short and sweet, are memories from your wedding day that you will want to cherish forever. Here are some key moments that you want to make sure are on the list:

Details photographed Telluride Colorado Wedding details


You have put many months of time and effort into planning every detail of your wedding; don’t you want to remember all of those little beautiful details that made your special day? When going through a timeline with your photographer, make sure they have put in some extra time to capture all the little details such as the reception area, cake, décor, invitations, shoes and accessories, rings, flowers, gifts, and any other details that are important to you as a couple. You will want to remember every part of your wedding, including all the hard work you put into making it just right.

Bridesmaid holding vail, Ridgeway Colorado wedding


When brides and grooms are spending time getting ready with their friends and family, there are plenty of key moments you will want your photographer to capture. These precious moments will not only help in telling your wedding day story but also the emotion of anticipation for the wedding. The day flies by so quickly, and you want to be able to remember all of these special moments for years to come. A few important ones are the bride getting dressed, spending time with her bridesmaids, her interactions with her family, the groom’s interaction with his groomsmen, getting ready, and moments with his family. These are just a few of the beautiful moments to capture in the hours of getting ready for the ceremony.

Father seeing daughter for first time before the ceremony, Ridgway, Colorado weddings


Nothing shows more emotion throughout a wedding day quite like first looks. It is so important to make sure your photographer is there to capture all the feelings and emotions the first time the father of the bride sees his daughter in her wedding dress or the first look of her soon-to-be husband seeing her in her wedding dress for the first time. Also, be sure to have your photographer capture your first look with your dad, bridesmaids, and/or mom. Sometimes, these can be very emotional and are very worth capturing! Dads especially are often very emotional about their “little girl” growing up and getting married.

Bride and Groom on Last Dollar Road, Telluride Colorado wedding, elopement


Although an obvious one, this moment is a beautiful tradition at the end of the ceremony, you’ll want at least one great photo. You might even talk to your fiancee in advance to talk about your plans for your first kiss “style” — will you do a simple, emotional embrace or a dramatic kiss to get everyone cheering?

Bride and Groom walking down the aisle, J Bar M Ranch, Ridgway, Colorado wedding venue


And right after the ceremony ends, there’s nothing quite like that feeling of leaving the altar hand-in-hand with your true love! Be sure to ask your photographer to be ready as you exit the ceremony, but also don’t be afraid to raise your hands, kiss again, or dance your way to the reception.

Bride and Groom with family at thier wedding, Ridgway, Colorado weddings


The rest of the event should feel less about posed images and more about the celebration with those you love the most. One of the things we love most about wedding receptions is capturing images from a fly-on-the-wall perspective without your guests ever realizing we were taking photographs of those moments.

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